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Dream Delayed

Have you ever had a dream or vision you thought seemed too lofty, too high, too incredible, or too outrageous to reach? Do you have a dream you think is meant for someone else, is just too much, requires more resources than you have, more energy than you have, more of you than you are…?

Well, dear one, you are not alone.

Long ago, and far away (yes, I’m one for the dramatic 😊) I had a dream – a vision, and it came to me as a thought – Robin’s Nest. I remember questioning this thought, “What? What is Robin’s Nest?” This was 13 years ago.

Over the past 13 years, I’ve held to this dream. I’ve written ideas of what it might be on paper, napkins, envelopes, in journals, on my phone note app…anywhere I could capture my thoughts. And as I processed through writing, I gained clarity.

I began to research what happens in a bird’s nest, a robin’s nest. I learned that a robin’s incubation time is 13 days. 13! … (things that make you go hmmm). During this period, the shells of hatched eggs are immediately removed from the nest by the female robin. Her chicks hatch naked (vulnerable) and are completely dependent on both parents for food and warmth.

My dream involves caring for others, specifically women and girls. It is bigger than me. It requires me to help remove the outer shell (external appearance) and create a safe place to be vulnerable – exposed. It is bigger than me. It requires the provision of shelter, safety, nourishment, and preparation. It is bigger than me.

…AND it has come to fruition! Robin’s Nest is currently an online site where women can engage in an interactive program which combines a devotional – Dancing to Freedom, with instructional video sessions. As one of my reviewers so eloquently stated, “The goal – freedom, the path – dance.” [You can visit Robin’s Nest at]

Your dream – your vision will always be more than you can imagine – bigger than you. Your dream will often take longer to come to fruition than you think it should. But, your dream will be worth the time it will take to achieve it.

Spend time pondering, nurturing, and growing your dream. Keep your dream before you and trust that the preparation required to fulfill your dream happens in the delay.


hey there!


I’m a small-town Southern California entrepreneur, coach, educator, and author with big dreams. Helping  you find & embrace what makes your soul soar.

hey there!


Robin has found dance to be her expressive/ creative art of choice when it comes to ‘speaking’ what is too difficult to put in words. She often quotes Martha Graham, “Dance is the hidden language of the soul.”




hey there!
Before you get any further... Hi! I'm Robin Gulley!

Robin Gulley is the founder and owner of Robin’s Nest. She has a Master’s Degree in Educational and Clinical Counseling.

Robin has found dance to be her expressive/creative art of choice when it comes to ‘speaking’ what is too difficult to put in words. She often quotes Martha Graham, “Dance is the hidden language of the soul.”



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