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Crown Up! The Sequel

I've decided to kick my self-pity to the curb and go get my crown off the shelf.”

Good decision. You’ve been made for this moment.

“What should I expect now? And what exactly is this moment? You made it clear that crowning up would require more of me...”

That’s true, I did say more would be required of you.

“So, again, what should I expect now?”

Expect to be tested.

“Tested how?”

Let’s just say that you will be faced with situations that will require you to use good judgment for everyone involved.

“Situations, plural?”

Yes, plural. Do you recall our reminiscing exercise? Every circumstance and situation in your life served as preparation for the next.

“Yes, I recall. And I learned through reminiscing that I am an overcomer. Overcoming is what has made me ready for this moment, correct?”

That is correct. Your ability to overcome AND persevere is what has made you ready for your crown, and for this moment.

“And what is this moment?”

The moment for you to walk in your purpose.

“Is my purpose tied to my crown? You know, like queenship or something...”

Your purpose is connected to your life experiences and the thing that makes your heart beat faster. It’s within your gifting and your areas of growth. It’s in your ability to navigate difficult situations and come through with a deeper understanding, and gratitude for the lesson learned.

“So, if I understand you correctly, my purpose is the result of my life’s experiences and my gifting?”

You’re understanding me to an extent. You see, your purpose is fluid. It isn’t stale or stagnant. It isn’t the arriving at a destination, or as you stated, “the result”. It is a continuous ebb and flow. It is living out what God purposed for you to accomplish.

“What if I’m not sure of what God wants me to accomplish?”

What have you learned through your life experiences?

“I’ve learned to trust God in all things, and to acknowledge his providence over my life.”

What else?

“I’ve learned that others are watching me, and taking note of how I respond. At times they have questioned how and why I smile when life’s circumstances are painfully difficult. They wonder how I keep pressing forward.”

Hmmm, so what do you think is important about what you’ve learned in relationship to your purpose?

“What’s important about what I’ve learned is in what it reveals to me. It reveals to me that my purpose is to shine the light of Christ through and in my responses to life’s highs and lows, and to teach and lead others to do the same; to love them toward their healing and restoration so that they will be able to fully recognize and enjoy the goodness of God.”

Oh! This is a beautiful realization. So, keep trusting God with the hard and easy, the highs and lows, and always CROWN UP!


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I’m a small-town Southern California entrepreneur, coach, educator, and author with big dreams. Helping  you find & embrace what makes your soul soar.

hey there!


Robin has found dance to be her expressive/ creative art of choice when it comes to ‘speaking’ what is too difficult to put in words. She often quotes Martha Graham, “Dance is the hidden language of the soul.”




hey there!
Before you get any further... Hi! I'm Robin Gulley!

Robin Gulley is the founder and owner of Robin’s Nest. She has a Master’s Degree in Educational and Clinical Counseling.

Robin has found dance to be her expressive/creative art of choice when it comes to ‘speaking’ what is too difficult to put in words. She often quotes Martha Graham, “Dance is the hidden language of the soul.”



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