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Crown Up! The Making of a Crown

Where’s your crown? “My crown, what are you talking about?” You know, the one that’s been sitting over there on the shelf. “Huh?” The crown on the shelf, the one that’s waiting for you to pick it up and place it on your head.

“I don’t see a crown. I think you’re mistaken; in fact, you may even be a little out of your mind.”

Oh no, I’m not mistaken and I’m definitely not out of my mind. There is a crown on the shelf and it is intended for YOUR head.

“My head? Come again. I’m at my lowest trying to figure out what I’m doing and what to do next, if anything. What kind of sense does it make that a crown would be on the head of somebody having a pity party like me?”

Well, let’s talk about it and go down memory lane together.

“What do you mean go down memory lane together? I don’t have time for reminiscing about my life.”

I think it’ll serve you well to take this time reminiscing, it’ll show you a thing or two.

“Alright, alright, where do you want me to start?”

How about the beginning?

“The beginning? You are out of your mind, just as I suspected.”

(chuckles) Alright, start where you’d like, but be sure to give me the highs and lows.

“Highs and lows?”

Yes, the high points in your life – you know, like mountaintop experiences. And the low points in your life, like those deep valleys where the only way out is up.

“Oh, got it. (deep sigh) I’ll start with a high point. I got baptized when I was 17 years old and then went off to college. I felt pretty good about myself and believed that God had me on a great path. I was accepted to the college I wanted to attend and was even invited to an honors program for incoming freshmen. It was a good time in my life…a high point for sure.”

When did things go south? I mean, when did a low point come?

“Hmmm, I hate recalling low points, even though I know they speak to my humanity, but I guess I’ll share. I didn’t stay focused during the latter part of my first year in college and definitely not into my second year. I met someone and made decisions I later regretted. It took me off my game…. nose dive, deep slide. The lowest part of all in this, was not finishing what I’d started.”

What do you mean?

“I didn’t finish my college education, had to go home during the fourth semester of my second year.”

Did things get better?

“You know what, they did. I got a full-time job with a reputable company and was well-received and respected – even at my young age. I suppose this was a high point for me.”

How long was this high-point season?

“It lasted a few years. Then my father was diagnosed with cancer. This was a desperately low season.”

I’m sad to hear this. How did you handle it?

“I prayed a lot, ran a lot, and got married.”

Oh, you got married during this low point, interesting.

“Not especially, the wedding day was a high point because my father was there. Then within a year of marriage I got pregnant and gave birth to my first child.”

The pendulum swings…

“Yes, it really does. The birth of my child was just a few short weeks before the passing of my father.”

How did you process this?

“It helped to have my child need me. I felt God had given me a life for a life. But it was really hard at times…. you know, the missing.”

What would you call that season?

“Neither high nor low. It just was.”

So, what’s next in your story, and how’d you get to where you are today?

“There’s a lot of next’, but I’ll just share a few with you. I had a second child. My marriage didn’t remain intact. I spent many nights feeling lonely, but my faith in God increased as I embraced his word.”

But earlier you said you were at your lowest…

“Yea, true. This low is the way I’m feeling about myself, about my failures and misgivings over past decisions. You know, will I ever be able to press beyond this feeling?”

Tell me something. Do you consider yourself an overcomer?

“Overcomer? … well, yes. I’ve overcome some adversities I didn’t even mention. I’ve worked through difficulties at home and in the work place. I’ve been elevated in my career, and have trained and lead teams.”

Do you think your highs and lows have had purpose?

“I hadn’t really given that much thought. I’m just living my life.”

Are you headed somewhere?

“Yes, I believe I’m moving in the direction of God’s leading…and I hope to be always growing.”

So, things can get better…

“Oh, I see where you’re going with this. As I reminisce and talk about the high and low points in my life, it gives me a picture of the process I’m in. And I can see that the process is meant to test me, teach me, prepare me, and grow me. It is in the process that I learn humility, demonstrate resilience, develop perseverance, and become more… more of who God purposed me to be. Am I on to something?”

Oh, are you ever! You see, the high and low points are the making of your crown. It is a crown formed through every pinnacle and every pit or disaster. You have a crown on the shelf waiting to adorn your head. You’ve been being prepared for this, but know this, wearing this crown is not to be taken lightly. It will require more of you. So, if you’re ready to let go of the self-pity, go get your crown off the shelf and CROWN UP!

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