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What's in a Name?

I was taken home from the hospital as Bonnie Louise, but three days later I became Robin Renee. My mother says I opened my mouth to eat like a little bird opening its beak to be fed, and she knew then my name had to change.

I recall family members calling me Robin Red-Breast (in jest) and being asked if I could fly, but none of these comments made me want a different name. Interestingly, my name has proven to fit me perfectly. Several years ago I sensed the Lord speak to my spirit - Robin's Nest, and I grappled with what this meant. But the Lord is faithful and has slowly revealed the purpose of Robin's Nest and my name.

My heart to nurture, care for, and prepare others is who I am - just as a Robin cares for her young in the nest. I've created a program (Dancing to Freedom devotional and videos) to do just this - nurture, care for and prepare women (and teen girls) on a journey toward healing and freedom. The Dancing to Freedom devotional is a program offered through the Robin's Nest.

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