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Would you like to be part of the Dancing To Freedom community? Check out the Community page for Robin's Nest Dancing To Freedom Community Zoom calls. These calls occur in rotating fashion and are offered in 4-week sessions. This format compliments the 21-day Dancing To Freedom devotional and video series, and provides an opportunity to engage in conversation with other participants. You'll want to purchase your copy of the Dancing to Freedom devotional at, then join us on Zoom.

If you are local to Southern California's Inland Empire, you might consider attending a Robin's Nest Dancing To Freedom Workshop.

These workshops are offered in two formats:

  • 1-day, 5-hour (generally offered on Saturday or Sunday from 9:30am-2:30pm)

  • 1-day, 2.5-hour (generally offered on a weeknight from 6:00pm-8:30pm)

Check out the Workshop page for more information. Additionally, if you're interested in hosting a workshop for yourself and five (5) friends, please contact me at:

Thank you for being a member of this growing community! Please invite your friends to engage with this Dancing To Freedom community.

Psalm 149:3a Let them praise his name with dancing...

In Gratitude and Love,


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