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"Dancing to Freedom" enlightened me, increased my awareness and gave me tools I didn't realize were missing in my desire to be more in tune with my body and emotions. Robin points us to increased intentionality and clarity in our lives by gently changing our focus by waking up our body and minds. This book will leave you with confidence, wisdom, and a shift in your perspective about dance movement and the role it can play in our lives." - Kerri Tracy, Licensed Clinical Social Worker-Trauma and Attachment Specialist

"Kudos for the innovative guided video sessions that partner with this interactive devotional. Dancing to Freedom is fearless yet tender as it teaches women to express their soul's voice through movement. The goal- freedom, the path-dance. A must for those who desire the skills to let go of what may be hindering them from being all that God created them to be."- Christine Potts - Transformational Author and creator of

"In a world that is so hurried, it is seldom that we have the time or ability to slow down and reflect - to think about our inner posture. In Dancing to Freedom, Robin Gulley leads you on a journey of the soul that allows you to find quiet repose and to ponder those thoughts and past experiences that fuel how you respond to life. Robin's depth of compassion and understanding will enable you to stand taller- body, soul, and spirit. Her gentle, gracious approach is exactly what is needed in these uncertain times."

- Teresa Salazar - MSE, Special Education Teacher

"The Dancing to Freedom Devotional is a wonderful way for readers to learn how movement through dance can liberate them; physically, emotionally and spiritually. Robin Gulley has used her gifts of dance ministry, writing, and her Christian walk to help people experience the liberty of feeling good about themselves, and releasing energy and baggage through dance. Moving is good for us! We can dance for joy as a result of this creative tool!"- Cynthia G. Langley - MSW, LCSW

"Let's face it; we live in a broken world. Many of us are the "walking wounded". We continue to exist day to day, concealing our deep pain, too paralyzed even to consider the possibility of breaking free. In Dancing to Freedom, Robin guides us through exercises and dance movements that gently release our wounded spirit. Through education, life experience, and years of dance training, she has discovered that something special happens when we move. Dance can loosen the chains that bind our broken hearts so that healing can begin. Her sweet spirit permeates every page of this book as she encourages us through each step. If you feel like the wounds of this life has taken you captive, I encourage you to take this journey in Dancing to Freedom."- Kim Peacock - Grief Mentor and Award-winning Author of 'Victorious Heart, Finding Hope and Healing After a Devastating Loss'

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